Do you want to be a brand ambassador for Mini Backdrops?

We are currently closed for applications. Please check back in a couple of months.

Being a brand ambassador gives you the following perks:

  1. You will receive 80% off your next order.
  2. You get free ad space in our sidebar on Mini Backdrops
  3. You get social media shout outs for a period of 4 months
  4. The opportunity to guest post on Mini Backdrops.

What is your job as a brand ambassador?

Being a brand ambassador is easy. Once you purchase your backdrops, you will have 4 months to either:

  1. Write a blog post featuring our backdrops.
  2. Post a picture of each backdrop in use at least once on social media, with mention in the description that the backdrop is from Mini Backdrops. This requirement has to be done at least once with EACH backdrop that you purchase.

What are the requirements to be a brand ambassador?

You need to be active on social media. We do not have a required number of followers you need to have on your accounts. Instead we will be looking at a few things such as interaction on your social media accounts, and whether or not your product/brand is a good match for us. Other than that we are not too specific. We are looking for a variety of accounts to work with. Food bloggers, web-shop owners, bloggers… we invite you all to apply.

What happens if I do not post photos or a blog post within the 4 month period?

If you do not follow through with posting on social media and/or writing a blog post within 4 months after purchase, you will receive an invoice for the 80% that you did not pay in the beginning. In other words you will be required to pay full price for you backdrops.