I have had so many of you asking me for guidence for where to get a similar product to our Mini Backdrops. Well I am a happy to tell you I have found another small business, who is very similar in product and style as Mini Backdrops.

Meet Svpply Co an Australian based business who is specializing in Product & Food Photography Backdrops.

You will be happy to know that they have a couple of the same designs such as our most popular white wood backdrop.

svpply co

The also sell photography surface boards, which are an awesome alternative to the vinyl backrops.


Now, I should mention that Svpply co. has a different price point than what you are used to seeing here on Mini Backdrops. BUT… their backdrop size is larger than our, so really the price is not too much more. They also have different payment options which I think is really neat! And they also do package deals which is also fantastic.