First of all… I apologize that this post is late. I said I would re-open the website on the 2nd. However… time just totally ran away. All of you amazing people decided to really show your love and support and bought so much that I have been sooo busy. I am grateful.

But, and I know you don’t want to read this, the webshop is now closed. As I mentioned before… a dream project kind of fell into my lap and I had to take it. It is also a very big project and I just wouldn’t have the time to continue with Mini Backdrops. The project, and me being on it, isn’t offically announced yet, but when it is I will let you all know.

So what is going to be happening now with Mini Backdrops?

Well, I am going to keep the blog running. There is just so much good and useful information on it, I have a lot of people still wanting to do guest posts, and I am thinking about doing some photography related tutorials/videos/stuff as well.

Once I get organized I am also going to round up some other wonderful businesses where you can purchase similar products as Mini Backdrops and link to them from here. I want to make sure you all still have access to beautiful backdrops, and as you all know, I am all for supporting other businesses. I just need some time to get caught up with orders, then I will do a bit of a re-vamp of the website to make it flow better.

So that is what is happening.

Again thank you all again for the many many messages of support, and thank you all for being such awesome customers!