In today’s competitive world, branding is one of the key ways to get your company name and reputation known to your customers. But it’s not just about having a fancy logo – branding techniques can help to enhance your business reputation and help your company and products to stand out from the crowd.

We spoke to Rory from Promotions Warehouse. His business offer promotional products and Rory knows a thing or two about marketing. Here are his top five branding techniques which can help your business:


Brand your products/services as premium quality


While it’s true that people love a bargain, customers also like to know that products and services they are buying are high quality and offer great value for money. By branding your product as “the best there is” then you can stand out from the crowd of other products in your same market space.

Branding can include a high class logo, quality packaging, luxury design and feel of the product itself and, if you have premises, a high quality look and feel to the interior and the way the staff present the business as well.

It is a well-known sales technique that people perceive costly items as more reliable and more valuable than those which are priced too low so by pitching a product or service as premium, you will attract people to your brand.


Become an authentic brand voice


Consumers are often naturally suspicious of the large corporate brands, seeing them as huge faceless organisations out to make money. As a smaller business you can fight that by showing your customers you are authentic, local, and you are there to meet their needs and not just to make money. Make the most of your green credentials and offer information or education of use to your customers along with your products and services so they can see you are more than just a faceless business.

Use your brand to inject personality into your business – have a distinct voice and have messaging which shows you understand your customer’s requirements and problems. Show them you can help solve their problems and make their lives easier – don’t just try to sell them stuff.


Use an expert/celebrity to endorse your brand


We are in the era of celebrity but marketing has always relied on testimonials and endorsements from experts to help sell products so if you can sit your brand naturally with either a celebrity or some kind of industry expert, it can really help boost sales. Seeing a celebrity wearing a piece of branded clothing, or accessory, gives it instant credence and creates desire among the public – not to mention the free publicity it creates.

If your product has claims behind it, for example in health or improving any aspects of life, then endorsement from a perceived expert will also really help to give your brand a huge boost. A brand ambassador working to promote your products/services to their fans is a massive bonus to any business.


Stand out from the crowd


One of the key elements of your brand is what it’s called – look at all the big companies – they have memorable names which don’t necessarily relate to what they do – Amazon and EBay spring to mind. Give your business a name which stands out and which is easy to remember.

Another way to stand out is by offering a very distinctive product line – don’t try to do too much. Find a niche and offer key products within it. That way your customers will instantly recognise your name and know what you do. Trying to offer too much will make your marketing messages very difficult and result in confused customers.


Use customers to help you sell


This is the number one branding strategy – don’t talk about products and their features – talk about the benefits they bring to your customers. What does the customer need when they buy your product? If they are buying a drill, they need a hole because they are working on a DIY project, so offer them DIY lessons, for example. This is the way you need to approach your branding.

Your messaging and imagery needs to demonstrate to customers how using your company will improve their lives, or make something easier for them, or solve a problem they have. A great way to do this is to use ratings and reviews, and case studies.

Let customers leave reviews on your website as this will speak volumes. Other customers will always believe people who have used your products; more than you, so let your happy clients and customers do the talking for you. You can also include testimonials and case studies on your website and within your marketing material, to demonstrate how your products/services have helped previous customers.

Creating a strong, recognisable and respected brand takes time but by doing so, and using the above techniques, you will end up with a business that stands out from the crowd and is sought out and trusted by both regular and new customers.

Author Bio

Dan is a freelance writer who specializes in helping small businesses achieve better business returns through guerrilla marketing and strategic sales initiatives. He writes for Promotions Warehouse. When he is not filling a blank page on his laptop he spends his free time browsing on obscure books in his local library.