Getting married is an exciting time. It is a celebration of love and life together after you say your vows.

To commemorate this joyous occasion, most couples nowadays include wedding-related photo shoots to chronicle their journey towards married life. More often, couples allocate a decent slice of their wedding budget to photography alone.

Over the years, wedding pictures have evolved from simple snapshots taken by family and friends to full-blown pictorials. The wedding industry has seen a rise in the demand for professional wedding photographers. Photography studios solely dedicated to weddings have mushroomed. Each “step” in the wedding process – from engagement, to pre-nuptial preparations, to the wedding day, and even to post-wedding events – is documented.

Before “I dos”

The ante for pre-wedding pictures has been upped. From classic and elegant styles to the more unique and experimental, there are countless ways to make your pre-wedding photos stand out.

There’s a thin line that differentiates engagement pictorials from pre-wedding photography, but for most lovebirds, it doesn’t really matter as long as they have amazing photos to cherish for life. The actual wedding day can be such a whirlwind that some photos can appear rushed. Having these pictorials can give you and your loved one a chance to pick your location and outfits at your own leisure.

Top tips in choosing your pre-wedding backdrop

For your own pre-wedding pictorial, you have to keep in mind some things that will help you enjoy and get the most out of the photo shoot.

Scope out your photographer

Do your homework and check out several photographers whom you think can execute your vision for your wedding. It is best to personally talk to your candidates so you can get a better feel of how they think and do things. Your pre-wedding photographer can also be your wedding day photographer. This is actually recommended, so you can already establish rapport.


By getting to know your photographer (and vice versa), you will know how to best work together to produce the most captivating photos of your special day.

Make it personal

Gone are the days of staid poses and boring backgrounds for wedding portraits. Push the boundaries and choose locations that mean something to you and your spouse. Where was your first date? How about the place where he proposed? Do you have a favorite place to hang out? Take a trip down memory lane to also see if there are places you’d like to go back to that have sentimental value.

Incorporate your interests. If you are outdoorsy types, why not pick a nice bike trail? Do you have pets? This is the time that they can join you. If you love books, coordinate with your favorite library if you can set up a photo session in the premises. There are a multitude of ways for you and your partner to express your personalities and let them shine through your photos.

Complement your theme

Choosing a backdrop that is aligned with your wedding theme will provide consistency. If you’re going for rustic, explore the mountainside or make use of a wooden arbor wreathed in floral garlands. If it’s a destination wedding in the tropics, look for nearby beaches or set up a space that can simulate a fresh, tropical look.


Bear in mind that marrying your pre-wedding set-up with your wedding theme will result in a more cohesive overall look. To create the perfect background texture, mood and setting, consider vinyl backdrops. These backdrops can be small enough to fit on top of a table, making them handy for product shots and flatlays. But it’s the half-body and floor-to-wall sized backdrops, as you may usually see in photography studios and even outdoor shoots, that are the best fit for couple photo sessions.

Decide on a key setting

The right setting is crucial when choosing backdrops for your pre-nuptial photos. Make sure that you and your partner are comfortable. Some brides or grooms are camera-shy so it is best to put them in a setting that relaxes them. Your home or a garden that you frequent are good options. Sometimes, places that don’t look all that nice at first glance can turn into a gold mine in the hands of professional portrait photographers.

Once you decide on the location, you can discuss it with your photographer and he can make the best recommendations as to what time is perfect to capture the light. Aim for shooting midweek, especially if it’s a public place, to avoid crowds photobombing your special camera time.


Savor the moment

Whether your pre-nuptial shoot is shot indoors or out on exotic locations, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Consider this as another romantic getaway. Enjoy each other’s company and relish this moment and experience together. The best backdrop will be the love emanating from both of you.



Linda Pasfield is best known for her skill to capture emotion on film and expression in an art form. Linda has had 20 years of experience photographing weddings, portraiture and documentary. She is an award winning photographer and Linda’s career has taken her worldwide, photographing for Olim Aid International, Worship Centre and Cross Rds, and numerous other organisations. Photography is Linda’s passion and “capturing the true feelings on the day, blending creativity and lighting in the right way is a joy.”