Posting on social media is fun when you’re just doing it for yourself. When you’re responsible for business accounts, however, it can be a real chore – and you can end up reaching social burnout very quickly.

Here are five ways to ensure you keep it fresh and never get tired of adding a new post to any of your social networks.


1. Be choosy


Research your ideal customer and find out where they spend most of their time. Very few people out there are highly active and engaged on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, AND LinkedIn all at the same time. There are usually only two or three networks that are favoured by your customers. Focusing on those networks should become your priority.

For example, if you are targeting brides to be, they probably spend a lot of time looking for visual ideas. Pinterest and Instagram, therefore, would be perfect targets. You don’t need to waste time posting elsewhere if you have found where your customer hangs out.

This will save you time by cutting down on the amount of posts you have to make, which will ease the burden a lot. Good time management also means ensuring the tasks you do with your time are worthwhile.


2. Filter your notifications


It can be exhausting to check back constantly on all of your notifications. Manage this by cutting down on the amount that you receive. All social networks have ways for you to decide which notifications come through on your phone app or on email, to help you focus on the metrics that really matter for you.

For example, do you need to be notified of every single ‘like’ when you’re getting 500 per post? It might be more effective to simply check back in after 24 hours to see how your post is doing. The metrics you may need to follow more closely include comments and follows, both of which you may wish to respond to.

Turning off notifications will also help you to stop procrastinating. You don’t need to check your phone every few minutes and you will gain a lot of time to spend on tasks that really matter!


3. Use content scheduling


Apart from Instagram, every social network out there can be queued up ahead of time. Many can be managed from a central hub like Buffer, whilst also allowing you to schedule right from your own page.

Content scheduling allows you to spend half an hour setting up a week’s posts – and then you can leave them to run. It also means you can build yourself a bit of a safety net. If you run out of time to create new content, or nothing is coming to mind, scheduling things in advance means you will at least have a few days to get the next post together.


4. Focus on content


When your content is beautiful, engaging, and inspiring, it won’t feel like a drag to post it. Look for content that will really make your page sing – and that you will enjoy posting. It does, of course, have to fit with your brand guidelines and tone, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Not only that, but working this way could seriously grow your following and expose your business to lots of potential new customers.


5. Repurpose everything


That graphic you posted on Twitter would also look great on Facebook and Instagram. Last week’s post included a lot of statistics, so make a chart that illustrates them and share that. Use pull quotes to create stunning headline graphics that will really catch the attention.

Don’t use each piece of content just once – twist it, turn it, and repurpose it on every network you have, in as many forms as you can think of. You’ll need fewer unique ideas and won’t get tired so easily.

You can avoid social media burnout if you take it easy with these tips. To help the business continue growing, it’s important your posts never get stale.

Social media burnout



Audrey Robinson is an avid writer, a content expert and an absolute coffee addict, currently supporting Datastical – online knowledge library. Whenever not working, she enjoys spending her time attending a variety of clubs and social activities. You can reach out to her through her Twitter.