Time management is probably one of the most neglected aspects of work. While a lot of emphasis is placed on improving productivity, one of its pillars – proper time management – is not given the importance it deserves. You check in with the office, attend to emails, browse through social media platforms and before you know it, it’s noon and time for lunch. At the end of the day when you are rushing to meet deadlines (and thereby working below your best) have you ever wondered if a little more prudence in attending to relevant work in the morning, would have landed you in this mess in the evening? In short, you are a victim of a very common occurrence in the corporate world and that is poor time management. 


How then can you get around this issue? Here are a few tips that you will do well to follow.

Make a List of “Time Wasters”

One of the reasons people can correct a slip-up is because they know they are making a mistake. The same is the case with you too. You know the things on which you waste time – scanning your Facebook profile instead of sending emails may be one of them. List down all such possibilities and keep adding to it as you go along. Place it in front of you and avoid doing those things. In some cases, your core responsibility has to be integrated with other work but your focus should always be on your primary activity. For example, if you are a Website developer in Melbourne or anywhere else for that matter, you will have to work closely with other departments like graphic design or digital marketing. In that case, focus on website development first and correlated departments later. Your productivity levels will definitely rise or at least not go down.

Fix Daily Objectives

Take one day at a time and complete the goals set by you. Every day will bring fresh challenges and you should be able to complete them within a given time frame. Planning is crucial to maximizing productivity levels too. If you know that you have a huge report to complete by month end, start data processing or preparing for it a little at a time every day. At the end of the month, you will find that the report is complete without any additional stress or strains. This is because you have managed to improve your productivity by proper planning and good time management.


Complete Crucial Tasks First

The general tendency is always the other way around. You will tend to complete simple tasks first to get a sense of achievement at the start of the day. When the truly crucial work comes up later, you are already tired and cannot do full justice to it. Switch the routine and complete the more difficult work first. You will feel relieved to get it out of the way and the rest of the day will go through without a hitch. An example like the previous one will illustrate this point better. Suppose you are a web developer in One Stop Media, a reputed online digital marketing agency. You will do well to attend to voluminous client reports first when your energy levels are at peak and then take up work of web development that you are very familiar with later. You have to be at top productivity levels when you are interacting with your clients.   

Hide Social Media Apps

Studies have shown that those using social media apps spend a cumulative 3.6 hours socializing online every day. This can send your productivity and time management for a toss. Most of the time, you check the apps on an impulse whenever a notification pops up. It is advisable to remove the apps from your mobile home screen and the toolbar of your computer browser. You can retain the sites for checking during lunch hour for example or while commuting to and from office.

These are some of the simple steps you can take to improve productivity in the workplace through optimized time management techniques.      

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