Floral And Forest

This week I am featuring one of our awesome customers for our small business feature. Flora And Forest has been impressing us with her unique handmade jewelry images in Instagram for a long time. If anyone is rocking their product photography, it is Jennifer, and bonus points that she is using a Mini Backdrop. She lives close to the area where I grew up in Canada. That means that I sometimes get glimpses of home, which I love.

About The Business

Flora And Forest make unique floral jewelry using native flowers and plants from her local area in Canada.

From her bio on her website:

Flora and Forest was originally started in April 2013, under the name of Noteworthy Creations. This is when my little hobby started. My first creations were that of metals, wire, beads, suede and leather, usually in the form of bracelets or simple earrings. Around 2015, I started playing with glass cabochons and bases and filling those with pressed flowers. I hadn’t pressed flowers since I was a young child, but it excited me like it did when I was 8 years old. The glass and glue combination I had been using didn’t work great for flowers, often leaving large air pockets or discoloured flowers. That’s when I decided to switch to resin.

As worried as I was about learning something new, off I went to experiment and learn about catalysts and correct mixing methods. There was a lot of trial and error, but it was all worth it in the end. I’m overjoyed with where my creations have ended up because of it.



Since my focus moved to natural elements, aside from the resin, it felt like it was the right time to change my little company name and find something that represented my products more accurately. After brainstorming for what felt like forever, Flora and Forest emerged from lists of names and word combinations. After sitting on the name for a few weeks (to be completely sure this was the right move for me), I finally decided to jump right in to a full re-brand. Re-branding is such a tough thing to do, even more so when it’s a one woman show. Thankfully I was able to find someone to bring my logo to life which helped Noteworthy Creations grow to become Flora and Forest.

Products I Love

Minimalist Silver Rectangle Necklace with Okanagan Sunflower Leaves


Raw Brass Circle Necklace with Yellow Daisy


Silver Hexagon Ring (Size 6) with Orange and White Flowers

Silver Hexagon Ring (Size 6) with Orange and White Flowers

Where To Find Them

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat