Happy Monday! Or… Happy whatever day of the week it is when you are reading this post. Today I thought I would share 5 backdrops that are perfect for creating moody food photography images.

I love all sorts of photography, but one area that really catches my attention on Instagram are those beautiful moody food photography images. These images give such impact, as well as feature the food so beautifully. One thing that helps to create these images is finding the right backdrops. This usually ends up being darker and grungy backdrops. Here are 5 from our collection that can help you achieve this style.

Dark Concrete 008


Dark Rustic Wood 028-W


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Black Concrete 022-S


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Rusty Metal 011-S


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Dark Rich Wood 029-W


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Do you create moody food photography? I would love to see them! Feel free to share with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Moody Food Photography