Geeky Clean

This week on Small Business Friday we are featuring Geeky Clean. If you love all things geeky and bookish, then you are going to love this shop. Geeky clean specalizes in creating soaps, bodywash, bath bombs, candles and other items that all are geeky or bookish theme.

Not only do their products smell fantastic, they are also vegan.

The person behind the product is Stephanie Dodd, who also happens to be a Mini Backdrop customer and is always a please to work with. Here is a little snippet about her and Geeky Clean from her website:

I eventually stumbled upon soap making, it was like mad science and then you could wash with it!
After making more soap than i can count and giving it to everyone i knew people started saying they loved it and wanted to buy some.
A large battle with cosmetic regulations ensued but i was finally able to sell my soaps, but i couldn’t just make normal boring soap oh no!
I had to make them a little different by infusing them with my love of pop culture and all things geeky.
For years I’ve been into conventions, pop culture, anime, manga, video games, books you name it I’ve probably seen it played it or heard of it!
At my first convention selling soap i had 3 kinds and by the end of it 2 of them were totally sold out!
I was shocked and overjoyed so continued to make more and expand to different products over the years.
Geekyclean was born!

Awesome Products To Buy

Anything unicorn, such as this Unicorn Breakfast candle. I have actually personally bought this a couple of times, and it is my all time favorite smelling candle.

Geeky Clean

Love Harry Potter? They have Harry Potter themed scented candles as well.

Looking for something for the bath? These sugar scrubs are awesome, and most likely a delightful smelling good choice.

geeky clean sugar scrub

Interested? Visit Geeky Clean here: