Managing a small business can be very hard at first. One vital factor in maintaining customers is through effective customer service. In fact, around 50% of small business owners have reported that most of them rely on their repeat customers. Additionally, retaining previous customers and keeping them coming back for more is often less costly than attracting new customers. This implies that the lifetime value of a customer is very essential in sustaining your business growth.

In order to establish a successful business, building a strong customer base is a must. Your business strategy should revolve on efforts and means to build customer loyalty. One key component is word of mouth marketing – and this can be accomplished only when you focus on effective customer service.

To get competitive edge, there are ways to establish outstanding customer service in order to boost customer engagement.

Building Customer Loyalty: The Three Methods

Effective customer service can be acquired from:

  • Create connection with your target audience. Personalize the approach and understand their needs. This creates communication and engagement.
  • Being specific with your message and citation of your key competencies.
  • Know your competitions’ weak areas and think of distinct offers your business can provide.

All of these are doable. And if you’re a struggling business owner or if you own a small business, the key to effective customer service lies in a variety of factors – these 4 R’s will help get things going for you.

Right People

Employ people with the right attitude. Hiring unenthusiastic behavior to represent your company’s goals will only hurt you. There is plenty of talent out there to choose from.

Robust Training

A team with good skills and the right attitude can be polished further through a refresher course. Get them focused to your clients and let them understand the objectives of the business. Establish incentive system and recognize achievements.

Recheck Workflow

Improvements are part of any progressing business. Review your workflow and look if there are inefficiencies on the perspective of your customers. Are you sacrificing their convenience due to limitations in your business? Are there inefficiencies internally that could tremendously affect the productivity of your business? It needs to be known and a plan must be set and actions must be taken to build good impression from your customers.

Review Feedback

Customer complaints are there in order for you to react fast whenever there are problems. Fix them and bend over to correct things. This method enables customers to offer eye-opening feedback valid to improve your business. Even if it’s not something you would like to hear, this is a huge favor your customers can offer to make changes on your service.

Tools in Highlighting Effective Customer Loyalty Strategies

With the advent of technology these days, building customer loyalty and getting people to learn more about your business can be a lot easier. More people can be reachable and engaged using traditional methods and social media.

Go Social with Facebook and Twitter

Small businesses use social media not only to enhance customer engagement but also customer service. They have realized the tons of opportunities this can bring them, especially in rousing a large audience for immediate communication. It can be used as a venue to generate more leads by reminding customers about limited time offers. It can also be utilized as a means for communication whenever there are open appointment schedule or cancellations.

More and more businesses take advantage of how Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms would work for their business. There are communities and groups where information can be shared and services can be promoted. While Facebook appeals on a more personal perspective, Twitter opens opportunities for business purpose.

Get Personal

Save time and reach your customers via text or e-mail. Social media and mobile technology has enabled businesses to target individual needs and encourage memberships in mobile updates.

Word of Mouth via Blogging

Catch the interest of your customers and entrepreneurs through published articles about your products and services. Blogging has become the center of the online community as it connects different platforms in so many ways. Engage your viewers with online content that can possibly go viral. Present the reach of followers and reach you have for prospective clients. Post videos and introduce your services, set up online communities where you can share reviews and experiences for products and services.

Effective customer service can be done by exemplifying the goals and objectives of your company. However, it is important to make emphasis and underscore these as an edge for your customer to go back time and time again. Customer loyalty is earned, but with a bit of help from technology, it can do wonders for your small business.

About the Author:

Garret Norris is the founder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.

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