It is 2018 already! Can you believe it. I think 2017 went by to quickly! I thought I would take a moment to welcome you all back and I want to give you a peak into what you can expect here at Mini Backdrops in 2018.

welcome 2018

More Vinyl Backdrop Designs

In 2018 I will be adding new vinyl backdrop designs every week. My goal is to add at least 4 new designs each week. To make it easy for you to find the newest designs I will be putting out a new blog post every Saturday featuring that weeks new designs.

I will be focusing on adding more solid colors, as well as more textures, and of course I will keep adding to our ever popular wood and stone collections.

I know some have been asking for additional sizes. Unfortuantly this is not something that will be coming this year. Instead I will be putting focus to have a better ready to ship stock of the current sizes we have.  Speaking of…

More Ready To Ship Backdrops

In 2017, to ensure that Mini Backdrops wouldn’t close, I moved to a print on demand system. I will be honest… I hate it, but it has allowed me to keep my business, and now that things are more stable, I am going to work on going back to having stock that can be shipped within a few days. First I will be starting with our most popular designs first, then all the 60 x 60 size. After this I will work towards our other sizes. However this means I need a lot more space, and I have the space, but it is not ready yet.

More Blog Posts

I have sat down and made a full blog schedule, and if all goes to plan then there should be 6 posts a week. There has been another day opened up to guest posts, but at the same time, this year I will be restricting the type of guest posts we accept. I hope to have more blog posts aimed specifically for small business owners.

You will also get a weekly post written by me. I will cover all sorts of topics, but will try my best to keep it useful, as well as putting out more posts on how to best use our vinyl backdrops.

Every Friday the blog will feature a small business, because it is still our aim to help other small business’s grow, and one way we can do this is to write about your business, and provide links back to your webshops or websites. Mini Backdrops ranks very well on Google, so having our website link to yours will help your SEO. It is one way I can give back. For the moment I or my assistant will choose the businesses to feature, but we might open it up for application at another point.

More Of the Podcast

Too Many Hats will be back, and I am hoping to have guests on this year. If I can manage it, I hope to have some one on every second week. Too Many Hats is not focused on Mini Backdrops. The idea is still to share stories of those who are behind small businesses. To remind ourselves and everyone else, that we are more than just our businesses. We have families, hobbies, passions… ups and downs… we have stories to tell. The stories of others is important. It reminds us that we are not alone in the things we experince, and we can find both comfort and inspiration in the stories others share. That is my hope for the Podcast. It is still rough, and I am still figuring out my voice for it. But it is important to me, and it is one of my main focus points for 2018.

I think 2018 is going to be another great year for Mini Backdrops, and I am so excited to continue the journey with all of you.