It can be just about heart-breaking to hear a customer say, “I’m not buying today”. Instead of seeing the negative connotations, it might be time to start looking at the positives. Your customer isn’t saying that they won’t buy – just that they won’t buy today. This means that your battle is half-done. Follow these five cardinal steps to gather all the necessary information and convince your customers to buy from you.

Give them a reason to buy today.

The first thing to do is trying quick prompts which let your customer know why they need to buy today instead of putting it off. The temptation is to offer them a discount, but you absolutely need to steer clear of this as it could be a slippery slope. Instead, use a key fact about the product or service that you offer to convince them. It could be that you are running out of stock, that you have limited order slots available, or that the price goes up next month. Just remember not to come on too strong or your customers might think you are desperate. Simply give them reasons why they might consider buying today and see what happens.

Listen to their objections.

What are the reasons that your customer gives for not wanting to buy today? Make a point of asking them and see what they come out with. You might be surprised at what you hear. Whether it’s your price points, the season, or just not having a good enough reason to take the plunge, make a note of it. You will need those reasons listed out for the next step.

 Create answers to their objections.

For every objection they may have, you need to have an answer. If the customer objects to the price, you need to have the figures in front of you explaining why they will save money or time buying from you. Maybe they are waiting for a later date. Give them a reason why now is better. It’s possible they aren’t sure why they should buy now. Tell them how their purchase will help them and why it is important. If you can tie it into personal development or business growth, usually customers will get on board.


Meet them first.

Now that you know the kind of objections which might cause your customers to put off buying, it’s time to tackle them. Use your marketing strategies to present answers to those objections in a way that makes it clear your product or service can and should be bought today. Whether that means pointing out how limited your stock is, asserting how much money you will save them over time, or placing pressure on them to invest in themselves or their business, you need to put your answers up before the objections. You must have probably seen advertising campaigns in the past that use this technique – now you just have to do it yourself, in a way that sells.

Train your staff.

Make sure that your staff are well-trained in customer engagement and have a list of the objections and answers you have come up with. If they all know the right answers to give, as well as how to say them to avoid coming across as pushy or uncaring, then your sales team will be on fire. Having everyone speak the same language is key for high sales.

Once you follow all of these steps, you should be in an excellent place to increase your sales hugely. When your customer says not today – or when they don’t give a reason for not buying at all – they will now be more likely to change their minds and come in your direction. That means more sales, which in turn should help to drive demand and your business reputation.

About the author:

Sienna Walker is a blogger who enjoys writing about topics connected to business, careers, and self-improvement. Feel free to follow her on @SiennaWalkerS.