We all love sending and receiving gifts and most of the time they are pre-planned. But what if you suddenly decide to send a gift to someone without any prior preparations? What if you are in a mood for a sudden surprise for someone? What if you had forgotten an occasion and suddenly remember to send a gift on the day of the occasion? You would definitely be in short of options. Last minute planning of gifts may turn out to be disasters if not planned systematically. With a little guidance and gifting tips, it is possible to plan the perfect gift at the last minute.

Count on the services of online gift portals

Several online gift portals have opened their doors for last minute gift deliveries. If you have forgotten a special occasion such your girlfriend’s birthday or your best friend’s anniversary you can always look to these online gift websites. They are generous enough to understand your last minute gift plans. They also have amazing provision for same day delivery of gifts. If you are staying beyond India and you wish to send same day delivery gifts to India, these portals can come to your ultimate rescue. Many online gift portals have a variety of payment options like PayPal and Pay U. You can order same day delivery of gifts without any added troubles.

Use your personal contacts in the city where you are sending the gift

You can also search and see if any of your personal acquaintances are available in the city you wish to send gifts. You can get in touch with any of them and then ask them for the favor to deliver your gifts. In all probability, if they aren’t busy they would oblige. Be generous enough to make the payments for the gifts in advance. Convey what you are looking for as a gift and provide them with the delivery address. This option is indeed very feasible since it would give you an opportunity to save some money as well as find gifts of your choice. However, don’t make it a hassle for the person by choosing a gift that is not easily available.


Find Speed Courier Services

If the destination you want to send gifts to is not quite far from your location, then these services might be of some help to you. Speed courier services with their speedy and prompt deliveries make sure that your gifts are delivered at the shortest moments possible. They are a bit rare to find especially if you are looking for same day delivery gifting to remote locations. However, once the job is assigned, they would definitely help you to go through with the deliveries. All you need is to be wise and prompt while choosing your courier service provider. Get authentic feedback from someone who has already used it.

Contact Any Local Gift Shop

There might be a number of gift shops who are willing to send free deliveries to a location after. Try to get in touch with the shops or outlets close to the location where you are looking to send the gift. They would definitely guide you to reach your loved ones with the correct gifting option. You can at least reach out with a gift even at the last minute on the date of the occasion.

With these handy tips in your checklist, even last minute gifting or same day delivery of gifts is not an issue. However, still it is always advisable to go for a gift much ahead the day of celebration since that would help you to choose the best gifting option with time and accurateness.

Guest Post Author: Ravi Kumar is a digital marketing executive working for a company called OyeGifts, providing personalized gifts online. He loves to create strategies and make plans, and also enjoys photography in his free time. He receives much encouragement from friends, neighbors and especially from his elder brother.