Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

A smart employer will always keep his employees satisfied. Be it the working environment, maintaining work novelty to combat monotony, or defining career roadmaps. The employer knows, what serious employees seek the most, in their quest for personal and professional growth.

This benefits employers and their companies greatly. Employee satisfaction has a direct impact on quantity and quality of the work generated. This is what drives the success of a business.

Brand building and reputation are other advantages for employers down the road.

It’s been nearly 5 decades now since calculators came into existence. Today, we never think of writing out calculations. First, because we think we might end up making errors. Second, we want to save on time to invest in other tasks.

New Technological Tools

One of the easier ways to keep employees interested is to continue upgrading the technological tools that they use. There’s no denying there is a growing reliance on technology. It has also led to higher levels of multi-tasking. Hence a company becomes more productive. A browser, for instance, is essentially required to access the internet unless you are using applications and messengers which are primarily meant for end users.

We know how important browsers are in our day to day working. If you take a look at the current browser market, Chrome is the leader among browsers with 55.68% share in the month of September according to Statcounter report. That means over 50% of Internet users across the globe rely on Chrome. It’s not surprising that new Chrome extensions are being introduced every day.

Since we are talking about productivity today, let’s take a look at some of the most popular productivity extensions for Chrome. There is a lot of great information for employers to take from this beautiful infographic as well.

Guest Post Author: Rose Cameron; Infographic courtesy of http://limestonenow.com/