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In order for your employees to give their maximum at work, you first have to provide them with all the necessary conditions. By this we mean things like proper training, adequate motivation and, of course, an efficient work environment. Still, what is it that makes a work environment efficient? Over the course of years, numerous studies focused on finding the answer to this vital question. Here are five elements that are widely considered to be crucial.


The first thing you need to achieve in your office is proper lighting. First of all, you should heavily rely on the influx of natural light. This not only saves you money but also nurtures both the morale and the mental health of your employees. Unfortunately, natural light alone might not be enough, due to the fact that during the colder part of the year, daylight does not last as long. This is why you need a potent, yet economical artificial lighting system. Most companies decide to go for LED, seeing as how it has a much more favorable watt-to-lumen ratio. For instance, in order to create an illumination of 600lm, you would either have to use a 40W incandescent bulb or a 10W LED one.



Another important aspect of a proper office environment lies in the issue of temperature. Having your workers too warm or too cold might diminish their productivity. According to latest surveys, 22 Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit) is the optimal temperature for office work. While it is true that some of your employees may favor a bit warmer or a bit colder temperature, this is probably the median that would resound best with the great majority of your staff.


The next issue you should take care of in order to make your office truly efficient is the question of storage. The productivity of your employees heavily depends on being able to find the item they need in the shortest time span possible. This especially goes for those on creative tasks, since such a distraction might cause them a loss of inspiration. A well-organized storage room can solve most of these problems, but the only way to achieve one is through admirable organizational skills. The best way to make this task a little easier is to make an inventory in Excel, as well as to get a bit of hardware aid. For instance, a  device such as Dymo LW 450 can help you label all your boxes and find your way around much easier.


Removing distractions

A proper office needs to be efficiency-oriented. Unfortunately, working with a large group of people and next to noisy office tech might make this incredibly difficult to achieve. So above all, you should fight the noise. Silent keyboards and noise-canceling headphones are a solid start but aren’t enough on their own. You also need to encourage your employees not to distract others. If you have a break room, try moving it as far from the main work area as possible. The same goes for your water cooler.



Finally, in order to be efficient, your office needs to be absolutely immaculate. This is a vital part of the overall health of your employees, thus keeping the place clean is not only a humane thing to do but also your responsibility as an employer. Your employees having fewer sick days will bring you a productivity boost on its own. Furthermore, clutter around the place can make foot traffic incredibly difficult and pose a visual distraction. The two best ways to handle this issue are either to hire an in-house cleaner or to outsource this function to a commercial cleaning company. Finally, just displaying hand-sanitizers around the place might encourage a lot of people to actually use them.


By tending to these five major categories, you can easily bring your office to a whole next level of both efficiency and productivity. However, it goes without saying that this will take a lot of hard work. However, the end result is always more than worth it.

About the author:

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also likes sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator Blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.