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The world of e-commerce is extremely fast-paced.

When you’re trying to process orders, ensure your copy is an SEO demon, and utilize a content marketing strategy at the same time, finding a moment to review the creativity of your online store can be a challenge.

But doing something different helps you to stand out and gives shoppers another reason to buy their goods from your store.

In this article, I look at five of the best ways that you can get creative with your online store.

Include virtual changing rooms on product pages

Including a virtual changing room is a fantastic way to get your customer to visualize the product in a completely different way.

The latest trend in the e-commerce world allows customers to experience the illusion of an in-store shopping experience.

Check out this example by QVC,


Image credit: QVC

You’ll see that it lets you view the product from all angles, helping to give peace of mind in terms of sizing. Size recommendation engines recommend the correct size for the customer based on their own measurements. This gives them confidence that the product will fit when it arrives at their door.

By adding a virtual changing room to your store you can increase the user experience for your customers. Give them another reason to pick you ahead of your competitors.

Use humor

People love to laugh, and customers are no exception.

Humor sells, and it’s no surprise to find that 30% of all ads and 50% of TV ads are based on humor.

However, some stores still seem to believe that a stiff, starchy approach is the way to engage with their customers.  

But have you heard the one about the company that adopts a lighter tone?

If used in the right way, adding an anecdote to your product page could be just what’s needed to secure a sale. Especially when the product is something that’s less than exciting in and of itself.

Chubbies are great at using humor:


Image credit: Chubbies

This online clothing retailer regularly uses humor to liven up their copy and images and engages with their customers in a playful way.  

As the screenshot shows, they know that khaki shorts are not the most exciting item in a wardrobe.  However, they have used humor to turn this relatively ordinary product into something far more interesting, and therefore make the process of buying them slightly more enjoyable for the customer.

Have the last laugh on your competitors by shifting, lightening, or even lowering (just a little) your store’s tone, to give your brand a voice that your customers will love to listen to.

Unique, engaging, and inspirational photos

As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words. This is something that is certainly true in the world of e-commerce.

Decorate your site with photos that are sleek, informative and inspirational. Photos that will represent your brand in a way that’s unique and easy to understand.  You want to have photos that help tell your brand story — don’t just settle for boring white background photos. Add value with photography that people would be happy to share on social media

Here is an example of how to engage your customers with unique and aspirational imagery:  


Image credit: Mini Backdrops


As you can see, it’s a good idea to let the images do the talking, keeping text to a minimum.

You will want to invest in a high-quality web environment that will allow you to quickly edit images and include high-quality photography without slowing the site down. Going with a hosted online store builder may give you an extra level of hosting security and speed.

You can also play around with image effects once your pictures are already in place — WordPress gives you plenty of cool ways to work with images if you prefer paying for hosting yourself and using WooCommerce.

Don’t make the photos on your online store an afterthought. Put thought, care, and attention into them and give your shoppers a visual journey that turns them into paying customers.

Have a quirky tone of voice

It’s really important that your tone of voice shines through on all of your product pages. If it’s appropriate to your brand, your products, and your customers, it could benefit your store to make that tone a quirky, recognizable one.

Customers love it when brands communicate to them on a human level that they can relate to. So why not put yourself in their shoes, and use this as an opportunity to get real with them by revealing your idiosyncrasies?

Brands such as Innocent are renowned for including their quirky personality in their copy to engage with their audiences in a completely different way. The image below gives you an example of Innocent’s tone:


Image Credit: Innocent

Injecting this offbeat tinge to their brand voice allows a level of connectivity that other companies just don’t have. Once a connection between brand and customer has been established, the sales results can be electric.

Unbutton the tie of your online store. Loosen up and show your customers that your company is made up of real people. It’s humans who’ll be buying your products, not robots.

Produce video guides

Shoppers love to get all-around perspectives of products, especially if they haven’t bought them before.

Including videos on your product pages can make the product in question more tangible and help the visitor to get a better idea of how they would use it. Videos are visually appealing too, which is something that can really help to increase conversions and sales online.

A fun video guide is a great way to showcase your product in the best possible light. You can capture shots of the product at several different angles. A video can help the customer understand how best to use it in a quick and easy way. Use effects such as captions and voice-overs.

Watching a short product video is also a fantastic option for customers who may not want to spend time reading through a lengthy description or clicking through multiple photos. It should give them the extra information that they need in order to make a sale.

By grabbing your camera and doing your best Steven Spielberg impression you’ll provide another layer of guidance to your customers. This way you can address any concerns about how your product will work for them.

And that’s what it’s all about: how your product connects with your customer.

As you can see, there are many ways to boost the creativity level of your online store.

When deciding which options to use, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your store puts user experience at the forefront. Make sure your site is easy to navigate. It needs to incorporate your brand personality in a way that’s easy to digest for your customer.

There are a huge number of resources available to help you gain a deeper understanding of how to maximize the user experience of your online store. I recommend that you allocate some time to your monthly schedule to review these.

Now that you know how to get creative with your store, go away and do it!


Victoria Greene is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares tips on e-commerce and content marketing. She is a passionate advocate of helping companies improve their content marketing strategy.