Having a blog on your site doesn’t necessarily mean that you have nailed the mantra of content marketing. We all know how important it is to have a blog these days.

In fact, 81% of business set-ups worldwide consider their blogs as ‘Critical’, ‘Useful’ or ‘Important’, but little do they do to make it a success. Most of them give up in the course of time or switch to other fast redeeming strategies; social media for instance.

Over the years, the biggest challenge for marketers globally is to identify the right strategy for a business. The 2017 State of Inbound Report for Business Marketing said nearly 63% of the marketers feel it is a constant challenge to increase traffic and leads.

Seasoned professionals understand the importance of successful blogging. They always consider allocating a budget for blogging, besides email campaigns, social media, and other content marketing activities.

More than meeting the quarterly targets, their motive is business expansion and thus the need for maintaining a blog.

What’s important is to understand the factors that drive the success of your blog. If you are serving to end users, then it may not be as difficult for you. If it is a B2B model, then you must know that agencies would take their sweet time before deciding to buy your product.

Be sure to take care of two things:

1 – Content Quality – the articles and content you have on your blog, should talk about the latest trends in your industry. Remember, B2B customers are always tough to convert. Besides being trendy, the content should be highly insightful to the core. Adding a variety to the content always helps. Let there be a mix of text and visuals. Addition of graphs, case studies, and statistics add value and make it more factual.

2 – Keep it Updated – Post as frequently as you can. 3 – 5 posts per week are an absolute must. If you can publish more, then you should do it.

Focusing on these two things will ensure that you are in the right direction. Effective blogging is the answer.

For businesses who still haven’t integrated a blog, take note of the beautiful infographic below which is a comprehensive step by step illustration to blog creation.

Guest Post Author: Rose Cameron