The Backdrops & Beyond podcast is no more, but I will get back to that. Welcome to the new podcast, Too Many Hats. If you missed the last podcast, then maybe you know why it left. Honestly I can’t remember how much detail I went into it and I hate listening to myself, so this episode may be a bit of a repeat.

But before I can move on to the new, I need to say goodbye to the old. Or, well… at least explain myself a bit. So for those of you that are new, this podcast used to be called Backdrops & Beyond. It was meant to be a small business podcast where I would discuss different aspects of running a small business, and would try and get guests… you know to try and inspire others going through the same struggles that we all go through when owning a business. I wanted to appeal to a wide audience, so I had planned to keep other aspects of life mostly out of it.

But then life changed, and I really didn’t have time and keeping to my guidelines of what I wanted it to be would have been difficult. So Backdrops & Beyond ended really before it started.


The idea of a podcast has been rolling around in my brain the entire time. I really wanted to get back to it. But I wanted it perhaps to be more personal, and more open to the other aspects of my life. For example I am a mother to four. As you can imagine that plays a large role in my day to day, and effects how I run my business. I am a foreigner living in Denmark. This also plays a roll. I also have a chronic illness. There are just so many aspects of my life that all blend into how I run my business that I want to be able to share. Someday’s it is awesome. Some days it is not. And I think it is important to share the good and the bad and the complete regular as well.

Being a small business owner can be a lonely place and sometimes we get so wrapped up in how hard it is and how lonely it is we forget that there are others in the same place or more importantly, there are other who have been in the same difficult place and pushed through it all and survived. Sometimes we need to hear other peoples struggles to know that it is worth it. Worth the pushing through each day to get to the other side.

So that is where the podcast is going. I am a wearer of too many hats. I am a solopreneur, mompreneur, multiple business owner, blogger, photographer, horse trainer, dog training, dishwasher, cook, wannabe running and countless other things and I hope to share my struggles and triumphs with you. Maybe inspire you to push through your bad days, or perhaps just give you a laugh.. or not.. I don’t think I am good at being funny. Either way, welcome to the new podcast Too Many Hats.