Marketing is an integral factor to a business’s success, and crucial variables for marketing are images. Whether you’re showing them off in traditional marketing paraphernalia or your official website, you need to understand that the overall quality of these images can make or break your marketing campaign.

Photos for business use should not only be pretty on the eyes, they also need to aim for a specific set of objectives. Do you want photos that strongly captivate your target market? Inspire your customers to take the desired action? Build you up as an authority in your niche? Whatever the objectives may be, images or photos associated with your brand should indicate your attention and commitment to high quality.

Thus, hiring professional photographers and visual artists for the job is a definite must. Experts have the fundamentals of image conceptualization and creation down. They know how to work with you to correctly execute your vision. Through the combination of artistic techniques and image marketing experience, a good photographer can help generate positive attention toward your business using the power of images.

Providing beautiful photographs shouldn’t be the only focus for marketing. Equally important as beauty is uniqueness or the ability to stand out. This can be achieved with strategic photography to produce different kinds of proven winning shots.

Photos Your Business Needs to Stand Out

  1. Product-centric photos

Showing off your products is necessary to create sales, and the photos you use for this purpose should be able to trigger the desire of your target viewer. For product photos, the best shots to use are the following:


  • Individual shot


This is a shot of the product in its best angle, usually against a blurred or plain background.


  • Detail shot


This refers to a close-up shot that reveals special features or design details (for example, the quality of the stitching, the grain of the materials used, and the product label).


  • Group shot


This is normally used for category pages or for bundle offers. Group shots display visually and functionally complementary products and are effective in creating upsells.   


  • In-use shot


This is a shot of the product being used. The relevance factor of an item increases in value when it is presented in action. This is a good alternative to demonstration videos.


  • 360° shot


An animated set of images that allows the viewer to “spin” the product through 360° rotation and inspect it through a variety of angles.

Photos Your Business Needs

  1. Employee-centric photos

Team photos are particularly advantageous to use for they establish the “human side” of the business. Show off your employees when they’re hard at work through your photos, highlighting their value as the fuel behind your operations. Or share beautiful snapshots of your people having lunch together like friends or a family. Such photos will remind your target audience that you are a company of real people and not a rigid organization detached from emotions that make life colorful and joyful.

  1. Real-life photos


In a study conducted by a content marketing company, photos of real-life people in natural settings outperformed photos of models in studio environments in terms of click-through rates and social media shares. While using supermodels can make your branding inspirational or aspirational, images of regular folks wearing or using your company’s products or services are more relatable and present a more authentic feel. Many find it more evolved of brands to use promotional photos that feature people they can see as friends or themselves instead of unreachable stars.

  1. Storytelling photos

Visual storytelling is a massive trend in marketing because stories increase people’s understanding and lock in their interest. Using a series of photos that present a story is a high-impact method of expressing your business’s values and dreams, which are really what set it apart from other enterprises out there. Likewise, these images are very effective in connecting with people on a more personal level. Not all businesses make the effort for this; most are more inclined to be “something to reach instead of something that reaches out.”

Photos are highly effective in revealing an enterprise’s personality and delivering its core messages. These four types of photos allow you to distinguish your brand, appeal more powerfully to your target demographic, and most importantly, improve your business performance.  


Author Bio:

Barry is the creative force behind BM Photography, which is a corporate photography company based out of Dubai. Firmly believing you should love what you do, to do your best. Originally hailing from a background in advertising agencies he now brings his business experience to create exceptional and effective marketing photography to help businesses achieve their goals.

Photos Your Business Needs