Looking for some flat lay inspiration for when you are styling your Instagram images? Look no further, each week I will bring you a new video where you can watch me style my flat lays using the backdrops from the shop.

You may be wondering why I  am starting at Episode 6. Well, that is because there are already other episodes on our YouTube channel, however, number 6 is the episode where I began filming again after a long pause. So we start there.

In episode 6, I do a shoot using candles, chocolate easter eggs, flowers, a mug and a teapot. These are some of my favorite things! Below the video, you can find a list of backdrops used, as well as a link to the shop that sells the candles I used.

Candles: These are from an awesome Etsy shop Meraki Candles.. and they smell fantastic!

Backdrops Featured:

Wood – 017-W

Old Worn Wood – 021-W

Wide White Wood – 020-W

Rustic Wood – 019-W

Wood – 024-W

Flat Lay Inspiration