DIY Creative Home Office

Home offices are usually the most dreaded and despised places in houses. It is because you lack the capacity and the strength to work at home even after coming home from the office. Yet that place is where you have to go to sit down and work without being disturbed. Although in an ideal situation you might want to stay home and work instead of going to the office at all. Or it could be that you never bring home any type of work from the office. However, this is not the ideal world. Sometimes you need to complete your unfinished work from home or are even required to work on the weekend. No matter how unfortunate it is, you need to achieve your targets.

The environment and surroundings of a person play a tremendous role in affecting their mood. Be it a bedroom, an office cabin or even a study room in the house.  Bright colors and interesting things can boost the mood of the person and may enhance their capabilities to do work efficiently. Just like any small business revamping their office you can to change your home office looks in the following ways.

Jar Honeycomb:

If you use a lot of stationary items in your work then the best thing for you would be a pen and pencil holder. To select them easily rather than sifting through them, you need multiple pen holders. However you can buy or use old jars and use them as your different pen holders. All you need to do is hot glue 4 jars to each other and put them in a horizontal position. Mark each of the jar by writing the name of the stationary that you intend to keep in it, this makes it more creative and fun. Use glass markers to keep the ink from fading. Keep different stationary in each of them and you will be able to have a cool and creative decoration as well as a functional pen holder.


Yet again if there is an ample use of stationary in your work, then you can make use of a peg board to hang some of your hardware. A small pegboard can hold multiple things like scissors, tapes, screwdrivers and many other devices.

Chest Storage:

There are multiple occasions when you have to file important paperwork. This thing can also be used for various storages for other office related items. This can also be utilized by college students to save money on furnishing who need to keep their notes and books in their apartments. Anyone who lacks space in their house can have multiple uses from it. All of these files usually go into cabinets. Instead, go for your old chest drawers. Keeping your files with horizontally, so that you see their labels as soon as you open the chest, instead of piling them up, will save you loads of time as well. What is more is that you can keep a cushion over it and use it as a footrest when you want to stretch your legs during a long assignment.

Shoe Box Shelves:

To cater to your organizing needs, use shoe boxes in a vertical position and keep all your paperwork or lighter objects in the boxes. Don’t put boxes over each other in a tower. This may result in all of them falling at once. Instead, keep them side by side. Or you could nail them to your wall. To make the shoe boxes seem interesting, use water or poster colors to paint the inside and outside of the boxes. You could also paint patterns on them instead of just one neutral color. This will be something interesting to keep in your office.

Coaster Covers:

Nobody likes coffee or tea stains on their desks and coasters can be really boring sometimes. If you have some old clothes that you don’t fit into anymore and are willing to discard them, then you can do something else with them. Sew covers for the coasters. It is easy and doesn’t take you much time. Just attach a button at the back so that they don’t get off the coasters easily. This way you get a changed coaster every few days while the others are in the washing.

Creative Home Office

There is always a way to make any corner of the house look interesting and colorful. You just need the right type of guidance and some imagination to organize or enhance a place. Some of these projects can be done with the help of your kids and can turn into a great bonding time with your children as well. So be creative and let the interior designer within you get hold of you.

Guest Poster:

Rachael Everly is an undergraduate student who loves to write on the topics related business, technology and education. Follow @Rachael Everly for further updates.