Based in Singapore, Miraculove was born out of a labour of love and penchant for weddings in 2015. The founders Yunnie and Limin had met serendipitiously that year and bonded over their common experience of designing wedding invitations for family and friends as a hobby prior to 2015.

Recognising that bringing love stories to life and transforming weddings through art was their passion, Yunnie and Limin took a leap of faith to make that their life’s work. The pair left their stable careers at Procter & Gamble and a rapidly-growing technology firm in Singapore to start Miraculove, which is now regarded in the hearts and minds of wedding couples as a Love Story Illustrator who produces extraordinarily meaningful wedding stationery. Their artworks go beyond looking beautiful on the surface but tells a compelling story within. In less than a year of being founded, Miraculove was awarded Top 10 Wedding Invitation Designers In Singapore by The Wedding Vow in 2016, a feat that fueled the founders’ drive to transform more weddings.

To chronicle the challenging journey of starting their own venture, the pair fashioned the brand’s icon, Sir Matana, out of millions of dots (a specialty art form known as Pointillism) with an interesting backstory that mirrors their own entrepreneurship experience

Yunnie and Limin favour handcrafted art mediums for the wedding stationery they produce – illustration, calligraphy, watercolour and acrylic painting – as they feel the aesthetics created by hand embody a piece of the artist’s signature style and give off charming, heartwarming and authentic vibes.

In 2017, Miraculove launched its online store, a shopping haven for all stationery love and special occasion related, not limited to weddings, but also for anniversaries, engagements and baby showers. Unique wedding invitations in Miraculove’s signature styles can be brought to life in the short span of 2 weeks – with the record being 1.5 weeks for a wedding couple who faced issues with getting their invitations at another stationer and needed their cards urgently!

Miraculove’s online store is just perfect for fuss-free wedding couples, lovers and dreamers, particularly those with a humble budget and tight wedding timeline! Recently, the pair had earned the nickname of “miracle workers” (which they now proudly state on their namecards) from wedding clients who appreciated their dedication to their craft and customer service. Follow the journey of these hardworking miracle workers on their social media on Instagram  and Facebook  for a regular, hearty dose of wedding inspiration! To connect with the pair, feel free to drop them a note at hello@miraculove.com.