You followed all the rules, you carefully built your online presence, measured and analyzed, targeted and refined, but all that time you’ve invested in your social media marketing campaign has failed. You feel as though you wasted time and money, and you haven’t gotten the return you were hoping for. This type of setback is certainly disheartening, but don’t give up yet. Many companies have been able to come back from a social media flop by reevaluating and refocusing the campaign. Here are a few things you can do to get your social media campaign back on track.

Identify the Problem

social media marketing campaign

Do some research to find out why exactly your campaign failed. Look through any comments and peruse your analytics to find out who clicked- and who didn’t- and find out why. Did you accidentally turn off a portion of your followers by a careless statement? Was the content you posted off-topic for your audience? Was it poorly timed, so that it got lost in several hours’ worth of news feed? The sooner you can identify where you went wrong, the sooner you can fix it.

Stop Trying to Push Sales

The purpose of the social media marketing campaign is not to sell products and services directly. Social media marketing is about engaging your audience and gaining brand recognition and a positive reputation. Once people know who you are and you’ve established credibility and trust in your brand, you will be the first place they turn to make a purchase. Throwing frequent sales ads into someone’s news feed is a great way to turn them off, and get them to unfollow you. If you really do feel the need to push product instead of content, try to do it softly. A “here’s the newest version; read our review” piece will pique interest, and you can always add a “get it here” link at the end of the piece.

Engage the Customer

Instead of a one-way flow of information out, try to make your audience active participants in your content selection and discussions. Ask open-ended questions about what they want to see, ask for their opinion on other products they may have tried, and show a general interest in your customers. Having them participate in these ways will help them build that community feel, and give them a sense of involvement and ownership. It can also help you understand the ways you failed to reach them the first time around.


social media marketing campaign

Again, you must remember that social media is about connecting with people and reaching people on a personal level. Storytelling that is designed to target your audience emotionally needs to be easy to follow, understand, and to digest in just a few minutes’ time. If it’s too short, you won’t get your message across. If it’s too long, people won’t make it to the end before leaving the page and moving on. This is why animated video marketing is one of the most successful ways to grab your audience, pull them in, and deliver a message, all without them realizing that they’re being marketed to. Adding variety by using photo’s, video, infographics, and other forms of media to your campaign is critical to keeping your target audience engaged. While blog posts can be informative, people don’t always have the time to sit through a read of an article. Having a variety of different types of media will help you reach the most people.

Don’t Give Up

Use the opportunity to regroup and to refine your strategy, rather than to scrap it completely and start over. Unless you wound up in some type of hashtag scandal, you can probably salvage your campaign by adjusting a few things and making sure that you that you maintain your focus as you move forward.

Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Failed

Author: James Pointon is a passionate blogger, an avid sales specialist and a part of the team behind OpenAgent. Always interested in learning more about new and unorthodox ways of promoting a business. Follow James on LinkedIn.