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Have you been looking for a light box that works perfectly with Mini Backdrops, or even a lighting system because you need to take pictures at night, or just don’t have good natural light for your product photos? Look no further, I have FINALLY found it!

Light Box

I have split this post into two sections. One for those located in the UK or Europe and those located in the US/Canada. The items available on Amazon in these locations are different, so therefore different links are needed.

Light Box For UK/European Customers

The light box you can see in the picture above is this one from Amazon:

Phot-R 60cm Professional Photography Portable Photo Studio Light Cube Tent Soft Box including 4 Coloured Backdrops Black, Blue, Red & White + Carry Case
I can’t explain how excited I am to find a light box that fits our backdrops perfectly, and this one does! Another thing that makes this one great is that the top opens up, which means that it is really easy to use with flat lay photography as well. It is super easy to use, and really easy to store:

It folds up and can be easily tucked away. Another added bonus, if you only have a few Mini Backdrops, you could totally store them in this as well.

Now, I didn’t purchase any special lights to use with this, but used what I had. In the pictures above I am using a LED work lamp similar to this:

However, you could invest in some photography lamps, such as these ones:

For the best results, I would definitely recommend the photography lamps. They are daylight lamps and will give you the best lighting color for a good natural light effect.

Here are a couple of unedited pictures using the setup above:

Picture Taken With Canon 60D

Taken with mobile phone

You could even use this light box if you use natural light, since you are able to move the sides to make one side open to let the light come in, and use the other side to bounce light in.

Light Box For US & Canada

I could not find just a light box on Amazon.com that fit our backdrop, however I did find this kit:

 Can be purchased here: LimoStudio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit in a Box, AGG349

It is a total steal for only $42.50 considering it comes with lamps, the light box and some backdrops. This one seems to be the closest to the one I have purchased, and should fit out backdrops as well. Even if the photos make it look smaller than it is.

So if you are looking for the perfect lighting setup for your product or flat lay photography that also works well with our backdrops, I would recommend this lightbox.

Light Box For Product Photography