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The success of your exhibition marketing will depend on numerous factors, but one of the most important is the design of the stand itself. Indeed, your exhibition stand design is what will attract the attention of passers-by, and it will also tell people who you are, what you do and how you can help them.
Although it can pay dividends to experiment with intricate designs, materials and colour schemes, you need to be aware of what the stand is actually saying to attendees. Ultimately, it pays to keep your message simple and rely on your products or services and your staff to really strike a chord with any visitors.

Say Who You Are

While it may seem like an obvious point, the text on your stand needs to make it clear who you are. For this reason, it is important to work with your chosen exhibition stand builders and make sure your company name and logo are not only featured, but clearly visible.
Before the exhibition takes place, you should use social media, trade publications and the event literature to advertise your appearance. Assuming you do this, some of the attendees may be actively looking for your stand. In fact, according to Inc.com, roughly 70 percent of trade show visitors plan which stands to visit beforehand.
Given this statistic, it is crucial that people at the event can instantly recognise your stand if they walk past it. If your company has already built up awareness through pre-event marketing, you need to be careful not to detract from recognisable words, logos and other brand elements by making your message overly complicated.

Explain What You Do

Of course, that still leaves the 30 percent of people who do not plan which stands to visit in advance, plus many of the 70 percent, who will be willing to deviate from their plan if an exhibition stand design catches their eye. Therefore, you also need to clearly and concisely explain what you do.
Trade show floors can be very busy and visitors may have little patience, so you cannot afford to be ambiguous. If your company sells electronic goods, it should be obvious from looking at your stand. Similarly, if you offer cleaning services, visitors shouldn’t have to search for that information.

Make a Simple Offer

Finally, you should try to focus on one or two key business offerings and use these to draw people in. It is sensible to choose offerings that have a broad appeal, but you should trust the offer that you make and resist the temptation to make additional offers to visitors.
“Don’t try and be all things to all people. Focus on one single concept or solution that your audience wants,” says Keith Hughes from Vinyline Graphics. “If you bombard people with a whole mix of messages, they won’t have time to take it all in. Having a single focus will allow your message to have real impact.”
You should try to remember that the average trade show visitor will be inundated with many messages and will only have a limited time to take in the information you and your exhibition stand builders present them with. Again, this is why it is vital that you make your offer clear and straight to the point, with no room for confusion.

exhibition stand design

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