You’re starting your business. It’s both exciting and stressful, but you’re finally setting out to accomplish your dreams. When you’re choosing your first office space, you should take advantage of the fact that you’re the one in charge. If you don’t want to work in the drab, impersonal offices you were forced to work in when you were employed by other people, this is the first opportunity you will get to showcase your ability to be an innovator.

1. An Office Doesn’t Have to Be an Office

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There’s no rule that says business can only be done in a building designed strictly for use as an office. Startups all over the world are challenging convention by selecting surprising locations to set up shop. When you’re browsing Gumtree for the perfect office space, keep an eye out for alternative kinds of spaces. Warehouses and factories have successfully been converted into incredible offices – and they’re often less expensive.

2. Have a Decorating Party

When you’re just starting your business, you aren’t dealing with hundreds of employees. You have a loyal group of people who intend to do a lot of hard work to help you succeed. Since everyone works better in different environments, it’s worth allowing your team to voice their opinion on what makes the most comfortable working environment. Let everyone help you decorate.

3. Create a Vibrant Space

Most large offices are designed around cost efficiency. This usually results in plain white walls and generic short pile carpet. There’s nothing inspiring about an environment completely devoid of color. You have total freedom to spice things up. Inject some color into your office environment. Everyone enjoys working a little more when their surroundings are vibrant and comfortable.

4. Utilize New Technology

Improve the working lives of your employees by providing them with the latest technology. Smart gadgets can help you maximize both space and productivity. Things like portable printers allow employees to bring the equipment they need directly to their desks without taking up too much space. Things flow better in an optimized environment, and automating simple tasks with smart gadgets can help you create that flow.

5. Keep Your Doors Open

Some business utilize novel workplace policies that make for a more comfortable environment. One of the most popular novel policies is allowing pets into the workplace on certain days. Who doesn’t love a coffee break with their furry companion? You can even encourage employees to bring in their student children to give them a sense of what the office is like, or host a “bring your significant other to work” day.

6. Make Your Culture a Part of Your Office

The best office will always reflect the culture of a business. Creative businesses will need creative offices. Utilize the main points of your mission in the design of your office. If your business deals with food, eat together. If your business deals with social networking, encourage employees to use their smartphones in the workplace.

7. Keep Employees Healthy and Active

Starting your business with a focus on health and physical activity is the best idea. Rather than figuring out what isn’t working and fixing it later, you have an opportunity to start off on the right foot. Don’t get vending machines full of junk food. Instead, have fresh food and whole grain baked goods delivered to your office. If you can exchange services with a local gym to arrange discounted memberships for your employees, that may be worth looking into.

This is the most exciting time of your life, and since you’re the one in charge, nobody else is going to tell you what you need to do. Embrace your creativity, and carefully craft an office that caters to your spirit.


Zoe Anderson is a passionate blogger with background in education and a great love for writing. Zoe is also a part of the team behind Study Select – education experts, which allows her to combine and follow her passions.