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One topic that I get asked about frequently is what I use for a backdrop stand. Here are two options for a small backdrop stand for our Mini Backdrops.

Small Backdrop Stand

I have been trying to come up with a solution that I could sell myself. However, most options just seem to expensive, so I was more than excited to find an option that I can provide via Amazon. I found this:

For those located in the US or Canada

For those located in the UK and Europe


It is a small backdrop stand that costs about 20 USD, that is the perfect size to go along with our Mini Backdrops. Now, I wouldn’t suggest something I haven’t tried, so naturally I bought one myself.

backdrop standbackdrop stand with backdrop

Here you can see the backdrop stand set up, and then with one of our Mini Backdrops on. You can see that is the idea size for our backdrops, and it is super easy to use. However, you might have noticed I have made a slight adjustment:

Instead of using the clamps provided, I used an elastic and a paper clamp to hand the backdrops. I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that the backdrop hangs a bit better this way. It pushes the backdrop out a bit, helping it not sit on the feet of the backdrop stand. The second reason is this:

As you can see, when using the clamps provided the backdrop can’t sit nicely on the bar due to a screw a the top. This causes the backdrop to curve and wrinkly and not sit flat. Besides this one little hiccup, this is a very good option for a backdrop stand. You can purchase by clicking this link: Linco Lincostore Photography PVC Backdrop Background Small Support Stand System Metal 8812B 68cm Wide 80cm High.

Foam Board

This solution is not some expensive fancy set up or stand. In fact, here is a picture:

Mini Backdrops Stand

This is a picture of the setup I use most of the time. Now, I know some of you might recognize the old logo on the board, however, all this set up involves is two white boards that have been tapped together.  I then use clothespins to pin a backdrop up to create the ‘wall’ part many of you see in my pictures on my Instagram feed. The other board that you can see in the above picture that is placed on the left of the setup is used to bounce light. I tape the two together for stability. The size I used here was a custom size of 60 cm x 60cm, but you can always cut some foam board down to size.

For example you can purchase some that are close to the right size here:
Small Backdrop Stand

small backdrop stand