Hi Everyone! I’m Courtney and I’m the author behind the eco-friendly living website Leafygreen.info. On my site I share reviews about earth-friendly products, some good products and some not so good products – no sugar coated reviews over here, I speak the truth.

I also share the ways in which I live creating the least amount of impact on the earth, so that it stays in great shape for future generations. Check out below for some eco-friendly photo tips for your blog.


Use What You Have Already

In a world where Instagram photos are highly manicured images, don’t fall for it. Great photos can be created with what you already have and will be more authentic and less of a fad too.

Do you have those versatile mason jars laying around? They make great flower vases, drinking glasses, food storage containers, pencil cups and so much more. Don’t have a mason jar? That’s fine too, a pasta sauce jar that’s been de-labled will do just as fine. How about Grandma’s (vintage) tea cups? They work great too!

Organic Mocha Icebox Cake-014-Blog Resized

If you don’t have fancy studio lighting, don’t go out and purchase it. Just head outside and take advantage of natural sunlight. Even cloudy days are a great opportunity to photograph, since they end up acting as a giant softbox, instead of having harsh shadows from direct sunlight.

There’s so much already in your home that can be repurposed, you just have to look at things differently.


Be Thrifty

If there’s an item you’d really like to have in your photo but don’t already own, why not try to find it second-hand? I actually purchase very few items brand new because acquiring second-hand items works so well.

If you’re not sure where to find second-hand items here are some of my favorites in order of my love for them.

  • Ask friends and family – They just might have the item you are looking for. If it’s common, most times people have and are happy to lend or give, especially if they aren’t using it.
  • Freecycle.org – You can put out a request for a specific item and people will respond if they have the item available. Then make arrangements to pickup the item with that person.
  • Craigslist.org – The “Free” section for your local Craigslist is great to browse for items you need. Some higher priced items most likely can be found in other sections where someone hopes to make a buck on the sale, but it’s a quick way to find unique items.
  • Thrift Store – Some great unique finds can be found at the second hand store. Common items you are looking for are usually found easily, along with some harder to find older items that can popup from time to time.

Opt for Naturally Made Material for Less Earth Impact

When you’re photographing outside with your natural light, don’t forget to use Mother Nature’s background.

How about putting your product in some fluffy grass as a background?

Or perhaps some greenery behind your fashion model? Head into the forest and use nature to its fullest!

Munk_Pack_Outdoors-007-Blog Resized

If you do decide you need to purchase a background/backdrop, why not purchase a paper one? Though they might not last as last as long as a vinyl backdrop would, paper backgrounds can easily be recycled when they wear out. Good thing Mini Backdrops now offers paper backgrounds! By purchasing a natural material, I feel good about the earth, because I have no idea how to recycle a vinyl sheet once its lost its usefulness.

I hope some of these tips will help you consider the environment while you’re making your business grow. Happy photographing!

This is a guest post by Courtney from Leafygreen.info. You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Interested in doing a guest post for us? Check out more information here.