1. First things first, tell us a bit about yourself and what your business is.

My name is Stephanie Clark and you can mostly find me behind the camera! I live in Mississippi with my husband and two wild little boys. I recently made the transition from more-than-full-time working mom as an Clinical Social Worker, to a work-from-home-mom as I expand my photography business, Gray Mornings Photography, and continue growing my family and lifestyle blog, Behind the Camera and Dreaming.


2. Where can we find you online?

You can find me posting most days on Behind the Camera and Dreaming.
Also, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Gray Mornings Photography will soon have a new website, but for now you can find us on Instagram and Facebook!

3. How did you get into what you do creatively?

I have always had a love for being behind the camera since maybe high school, but never really thought I could pursue photography as a career. So, I went for my first love, people. When I graduated from Graduate School in 2007, my family bought me my first DSLR as a graduation present. From that moment on, that camera went everywhere with me and in 2009, I began wanting to really learn how to use my little sidekick to the best of it’s ability! Sometime during that year, I began wanting to share the stories behind the photographs as I was learning photography so, I started a blog. Sometime after, I started finding other bloggers that were learning photography and became a part of a blogging community where we shared what we knew and challenged each other. Gray Mornings Photography was born out of that passion as it continued to grow. I have grown and learned so much along the way and I am so thankful that people let me capture their sweet moments and memories.

4. What’s a recent project you worked on that you just loved?

On Behind the Camera and Dreaming, we threw an Art Party for Back-to-School! It was a lot of fun and kids had a blast!


5. Where / Who do you gain inspiration from?

I am constantly inspired! From a good worship song to being out in nature to browsing instagram, I constantly have little ideas and visions of recreating something beautiful. My boys inspire me in their innocent, wild-eyed discovery of the world. I love being able to create something for them to enjoy! I love following other photographers and bloggers.


6. If you had one piece of advice to give, about anything you want, what would it be?

Capture the little REAL moments in your life, whether it’s through photos or journaling. It’s so important to know your own heart and how much it’s grown. Save up to have a professional take your photo with those you love. It’s always worth it!