If you follow the blog, then you would have seen that yesterday we released our first video on our new YouTube channel Backdrops and Beyond. Our first video was just a short trailer video for the channel. You can watch that here if you missed it.

But we just wanted to take a moment to let you know what you can expect on the channel, which will have at least 3 videos a week starting June 1 st.

Photo Tips & Tricks and all things Mini Backdrops

Each week we are going to bring you a new video showing you some tips and tricks to take great photos for your blogs or small business using minimal gear. We actually have our first video up already (Finding natural light in your home for photography). We will also be adding videos about our own product, out Mini Backdrops and coving topics such as how to store them, cleaning them, how to choose the right backdrop and lots more.

We are also going to do some videos showing how to use your phone to take great photos.

Editing Videos

We are teaming up with The CoffeeShop Blog to bring you videos of their photo editing tutorials. Most of these are in Photoshop, but don’t worry, we are also going to cover some awesome free editing software as well. We will cover the basics of doing nice clean edits of photos as well as doing some creative editing as well.

Weekly Podcast/Vlog

Every Tuesday we are going to have a weekly Podcast posted on the Channel. You can start the video and let it run in the background, as it will just be me talking about being a small business owner, photography and whatever else comes up. Eventually we would like to get interviews on and other bloggers and small business owners to share their stories as well. We will also make this available on other platforms as soon as we have them set up (sound cloud and iTunes).

Our goal with our channel it to create, inspire and share and connect with other bloggers and small businesses to help them grow and rock their own businesses.

Don’t forget to head over to our channel and hit the Subscribe button to be sure you don’t miss any videos.

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