Do you use Facebook groups for your small business? Don’t even know about Facebook groups? Read on…

Most of the time, when we choose to start a small business it is just us. You might have heard the word soloprenuer cast around, and in some ways it can feel very fitting. But I have something to tell you. You do not need to be a soloprenuer! Sure perhaps you are the only ’employee’ in your business. Yes, you run a blog, or web shop or some other business avenue and you yourself are responsible for all the duties and decisions. But that doesn’t mean you are alone or really are solo. Or at least you don’t have to be.

One thing that has really helped me grow my business and also defeat that utter loneliness and stress of not having someone to bounce ideas off is finding a online tribe. Now I know what you are thinking.. tribe? What is that exactly. Well to be honest, this can take form in many ways. But for the purpose of this post I am going to focus on Facebook Groups.

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups

Until about a year ago, my idea of using Facebook for my business was to have a Facebook page for my business and focus all my time while on Facebook to gaining followers there. And then something wonderful happened. One of my blogging friends mentioned something called The Rising Tide Society and my entire way of looking at Facebook for business changed. I found a tribe. A Facebook group that focused on bringing creatives up and supporting each other, and it was game changing. I could now easily connect with others who were in the same position or had been in the same position I was in. There were people to bounce ideas off of. I had the opportunity to share my work to gain more following.

Over the last year I have joined multiple Facebook groups that serve different purposes. Some groups are entirely focused on Etsy shops and Etsy promotion, where I can do all things pertaining to my Etsy shop. Other groups are support groups for makers. Which for me is a great group to be apart of because while I don’t make items, my items are well tailored to support their businesses, so by showing support in that group and offering up the knowledge I have, and am able to drive some customers my way. In return I get great feedback and have met some really great people there. Other groups are purely promotional groups where you can promote your items you sell, your blog posts, and your social media groups.

In short… there is a Facebook group for everything. Since joining, and, this is key, being active in Facebook groups I have increased sales to my shop, but also my viewership to my blog here.


Facebook Groups