Hi I’m Angelina, but you can call me Angel. I should be living in Cinderella’s castle but unfortunately everyone else hasn’t accepted my job offer to be a princess so here I am in Atlanta, GA working as a photographer, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I believe in second chances, long hugs, and singing at the top of your lungs. You know those loud, annoying, obnoxious people who sing ALL the time but can’t really sing? That may or may not be me. Awkward dancing, food, & anything pink makes me happy. I wish I could say that I always wanted to be a photographer and there was nothing else I ever wanted to do. While that is the case now it was definitely not always that way.

I started college as a social work major and decided about a year in that I was way too emotional to handle everything that came with that job. I switched my major over to pediatric psychology and realized about a semester in that I was doing exactly the same thing as before just in a hospital setting so I switched majors, again. I always wanted to work with kids so I decided to switch to early childhood development and while teaching little kids would have been great I had no desire to be a teacher. Last but not least I switched again to get my business degree, what else do you get when you have no idea what you want to do?

While attending college for my business degree I cheered. I commuted to college a hour one way and a hour back home 2-3 times a week. Cheerleading practice began at 6:00 pm but my last class let out around 1:00 pm. It made no sense to drive all the way back home to have to turn around and come all the way back for practice. Therefore, I had plenty of time to go eat lunch, see friends, do homework or study, and then do absolutely nothing but sit around.  If you know me you know that I am ALWAYS doing stuff. If I have nothing to do I pretty much panic because I am convinced I forgot about something that needed to be done. So since I had all this time I decided to take a photography class to fill up time between classes and cheerleading practice. In this class is where I began to fall in love.

The photography course was a certification course and lasted about a year. I finished with my Certification in Advanced Photographic Techniques in August of 2012 then graduated with my Business Management degree in December of 2012. I then applied to another college and was accepted into their Commercial Photography program. The program was two years long and was more challenging than I ever expected it to be. I just recently graduated in May of 2015 with my Commercial Photography degree and had my portfolio show with my class in August of 2015.


11952021_10153648230512340_3859145407089084275_nI have never shared previous images this way, so this is a first but I have definitely come a long way since I  started. On the left is one of my first ever senior sessions and at the time I was so proud of those images, now I can not even believe I had people paying me for sessions. I am sending out my apologies right now to anyone who I shot back then, but thank you for supporting me and my dreams. I would not be where I am today without each and every one of you. On the right is one of my most recent senior sessions and I am blown away at the difference between the two. Whenever I am having a rough day and I feel like this dream is never going to work I go back and look at my old work to see how far I have really come.  If you are just starting out I pray that you never sit and compare yourself to other photographers. Every single one of us are at a different point in our own journey. One of my favorite quotes is “Comparison is the thief of joy” by Theodore Roosevelt. This quote could not be any more true. When you spend your time comparing yourself you take away all the joy from your own work, but when you take the time comparing your past work to your previous work you would be amazed at the amount of joy you will have from seeing your own growth.

I have met the most amazing people and have built some of the most incredible friendships through my job. I am so blessed that i am able to wake up each and every day and do what i love. If any of you out there are struggling or don’t know where to start just ask someone, ask me if you want. There are so many wonderful creatives who will share their story, their heart, and help you get started because they believe community over competition is so very important.

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