Hi! My name is Jenna and I’m the owner/designer/photographer from JennaRedfieldDesigns.com Styled Stock shop. I take styled photos and sell them to creatives to use for branding purposes.

What Are Styled Stock Photos?

Styled stock photos are images that show off a desktop/office scene or something similar that can be purchased by anyone to use on their blog, where they can add text, images or branding to the image.

I launched this Etsy shop late last year because I heard from so many people that they loved my blog images, so I decided to invest my time, energy and money in cute decorative items that I could then use in images and then sell the images.


They are $10 per image and are great for a brands, small businesses and blogs. They can be used as a blog header, banner or an individual blog post image. Many people have started using them for Instagram and Pinterest, to promote their products. Computer mock-ups are hugely popular I currently sell both stock as well as custom on my website jennaredfielddesigns.com. In addition, I have shops on both Etsy and CreativeMarket

Styled photography is something that just kind of fell on top of me. I had been looking for images myself to buy, then decided to try taking them for myself, since I had many elements needed (DSLR, Lighting, desk, products and props) and realized that I absolutely loved doing it! I started using them for my blog images and my readership went way above the usual numbers, according to my analytics. I started this as an experiment, as a way for me to be creative while learning everyday about how design works. I’m only marketing on Instagram (which is perfect for imagery!) and Facebook as well as my newsletter (offering a free image on Feb. 1st!) so I’m hoping SEO and blogging can help it along the way!

I started blogging in 2014 in the summer after I graduated from college. I spent the first 6+ months not knowing what the heck I was doing and slowly (and at times quickly) have been improving and learning. In December I challenged myself to blog everyday until Christmas (which I did!) and then did that again in July. I learned so much and have improved so much during that time! I’ve had ups and downs when it comes to my job and my career, but blogging has been there throughout the whole thing!

In addition, I’m also a wedding videographer (which I also kind of stumbled into) and a Marketing Director Full time. I’ve never really considered starting an Etsy shop, as I’m not as great with my hands (I cannot draw, sew or any of the awesome skills most Etsy shop owners have). But I’ve always loved home décor and interior design (aesthetics has been important from a young age) and my love of pinterest, photography, blogging and design all sort of cumulated into this adventure that is styled stock photography.

Mini Backdrops

I use Mini Backdrops for many of my items and it has been an invaluable resource for me! Being able to customize my background to look any way I want is amazing. Desirae has been a joy to work with and I’m so appreciative!

Dark Wood 3 copy 2 dark wood desktop copy

Do you have a passion? Try it! I’ve been so happy just trying something new.

You can follow my business on jennaredfielddesigns.com where I have all my social media links! Thanks again for Mini Backdrops for having me guest post!