1. First things first, tell us a bit about yourself and what your business is.

My name is Erin McMenemy and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I’m a Mom of 2 lovely daughters, I’m a wife, a full time kindergarten teacher and I’m the designer, stitcher and owner of Erin McMom’s Stitches and Patterns. I create one-of-a-kind hand embroidered hoop art filled with confetti, flowers and fun to brighten up any space. I also sell cross-stitch and hand-embroidery pattern for those that want to create their own beautiful pieces.

2. Where can we find you online?

I spend WAY too much time online you can find me all over the place!

-etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/erinmcmoms

For one-of-a-kind embroidery hoop art and patterns

-instagram: www.instagram.com/erinmcmom

Behind the scenes photos, inspiration, giveaways, and process

-facebook: www.facebook.com/erinmcmom

Pics, chat, behind the scenes, and sales!

-twitter: www.twitter.com/erinmcmom

For my inane babblngs

-youtube: www.youtube.com/erinmcmom

Time-lapse videos of my stitching projects. Subscribers are entered into a draw to win a custom completed embroidery!

-tumblr: http://erinmcmom.tumblr.com

Stitching, inspiration, my other interests, and stuff that sparks my fancy

-website (still under construction): www.erinmcmom.com

3. How did you get into what you do creatively

I’ve been stitching since I was 16. I grew up watching my mother cross-stitch and although I was always fascinated by the process of creating a work of art from floss and fabric, I never quite connected with the patterns that were readily available. I began sketching my own patterns directly onto fabric and stitching them freehand. Over time my focus has shifted toward hand embroidery. I love the freedom to let my imagination run wild and create patterns that are unique, heartfelt, and fun. I now consider my day incomplete if I haven’t laid a stitch or two down. Stitching is my passion, my relaxation, and my creative outlet. It is such a joy to be able to share my work online through social media, and to send it to homes around the world.

12074637_774102892702067_8565027317252866121_n4. What’s a recent project you worked on that you just loved?

My favourite projects are often the custom orders requested by my Etsy customers.

I’ve had many that have touched my heart.

I recently created a custom ordered blue floral bouquet embroidery hoop for a couple to use as part of their upcoming wedding. They had me stitch it in their wedding colours and add their initials. The hoop turned out so sweet and I can’t wait to see it in their wedding photos!

I was also recently asked if I could embroider the words “Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear” onto some Converse high-top sneakers that a young couple will use to make a surprise announcement to their family at Christmas that they are expecting their first little one!

It brings me so much joy to know that my work will be a part of these special moments in the lives of these wonderful people. I’m feel so blessed to be doing what I do!

5. Where / Who do you gain inspiration from?

Many of my embroidery designs are inspired by my family and friends, and often begin as designs that I’ve stitched as gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and other events. I also draw a lot of inspiration from music and nature.

6. If you had one piece of advice to give, about anything you want, what would it be?​

Ooh, that’s tough, there are 2 phrases I use a lot that I LOVE, but if I can only share one…​

“This too shall pass.”

I have this phrase engraved on a gold band that I wear everyday, and I also have it embroidered in a hoop on the wall of my studio as a constant reminder to stay strong and keep going when times are tough, because they will not last forever, but also, to appreciate and celebrate the wonderful times because they are fleeting. 

If we’re breaking the rules and sharing a second piece of advice, I’d say…

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”.

This is true of life, people, art, music… and pretty much everything else I can think of. Look for the beauty in everything and everyone, it is always there, just waiting for you to find it and celebrate it.