So some may have noticed that I have not being giving the website as much love, and I pretty much disappear from here almost right after getting everything rolling. Well here is what happened… life! I am going to share a little bit about myself here. I suffer from fibromyalgia, and this past year it has come to a point where it needed attention. This has meant new drugs.. etc, with some less than desired results. This kind of kicked my legs out from under me the last couple of months, which was bad timing as far as work goes.

But it is okay. Despite that, Mini Backdrops is going really well. Better than expected in fact. In my first month on Etsy I had 13 orders. I know to a lot this may seem small beans, but all things considering I am more than happy with that! Things are moving, and moving forward. But now that I am getting organized, I will be putting more focus right here on the website.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to support other small businesses and bloggers. So I have scheduled Thursdays for guest posts and on Friday’s I am going to feature other small businesses. I will continue with the free printable/graphics on Mondays and I will be starting Tutorial Tuesday’s in the near future where I will be doing video tutorials on some photo editing.

I am super excited about it all! I hope you will all join me for the ride.