We did it! We launched the Etsy shop on October 1st. But even better, we have had sales in our first full week.

I am pretty proud of this. I will say that it wasn’t many, but I would have been happy with just one to be honest. To have multiple sales in the first 7 days, well, that means something even more to me. It has boosted my confidence a bit. I feel a bit more reassured that yes, this is a product people might actually want. That maybe this was a good business move for me.

I am also super excited! Perhaps a little too excited, as I am planning even bigger things, but need to slow it down a bit to make sure I say financially viable. But still, I am already working on the next thing to add to the shop: A custom mini backdrop stand that will par nicely with my products. I am still prototyping and pricing, but I am hoping to have it in the shop by December.

I am also considering doing Pre-Order listings so that I can offer more designs. This would mean that there would be an additional 7 day processing time for these. But I am unsure about this. What do you think?

Also what kind of designs do you think would be good in my shop?