We recently had Wild Hyacinth Design Studio create our logo. I myself do design work, however am terrible at designing for myself. I tossed a bunch of idea’s around in my head, look at different peoples work, and came across her design page on Facebook, and I knew she was the designer I wanted. Then came the crazy ideas. I wanted something a bit more personal this time around. I wanted my logo to be connected to me, and my life. This is what we came up with:


I am sure she thought I was just a little bit nuts when I said Floral and Cats. However, here is the story. I decided I wanted the business to have a mascot. At the time of that decision I wasn’t sure what. Then we decided that we were going to adopt a couple of kittens. Meet Ninja and Mia:


Look familiar? They came home to us this past weekend, and I thought since they were joining our home right around the launch date of Mini Backdrops, that they are the perfect mascots. What do you think? And didn’t Wild Hyacinth Design Studio do a great job of capturing them?