It’s Friday again… already. I don’t know about you but this week just fly by for me. Can you believe the shop will officially open in 5 days! So exciting… but until then, it is time to feature 4 businesses. This week we are going to do Facebook. Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and leave a link back to your own so that we can share a like, and also give us a chance to get to know you, and maybe feature you here. And now for the good stuff.

Wild Hyacinth Design Studio

This sweet person is who designed our logo, and therefore has a special place in our hearts. She managed to create a crazy idea (cats and flowers) into exactly what I wanted. She also did this while moving! She was quick, and she also offers one of a kind, pre-made logos. Seriously, if you are in the need of some design work, check her out.

Tess Elle Design

I follow Tess Elle Design mostly on Instagram, but her Facebook is great too! Tess Elle Design has a planner that she designed, that I think I would totally love! She pretty much wins me over with her color selection. If I hadn’t just bought a planner, I would definitely look into hers. She has also created a Task List book, which I think is genius. I’m big on lists.  So if you are in the market for a planner, or really anything to do with organization, like her page. She also frequently does some freebies.

Something Wonderful Happened

This is a relatively new facebook page that I found. Actually I think they found me on Instagram, but how can you not automatically love  the name Something Wonderful Happened? I loved going through the images they have shared there.

Gallerie Q

Gallerie Q calls themselves a creative boutique. They are awesome, and I love them because they do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There is photography, design work, and sometimes handmade wooden things. I love it! I think it rings close to me, because I myself always have many different things that I am doing, and it is great to see other creatives doing the same.

So there is the Friday 4. I hope you will stop by and show them some love. Also, feel free to leave a comment with some Facebook pages that you love.