Welcome to Mini Backdrops very first blog post! Right now are are in the middle of getting things set up, designs are being made, and we are busy getting ready for our launch in October. Until then we invite you to head over to our Instagram account and give us a follow so you can stay updated on everything Mini Backdrops.

We have also opened up our Facebook page. It isn’t exciting yet, but come October we will be updating daily!

Oh and one last things. We will be looking for people who would like to guest post on our website. We believe in #communityovercompetion and welcome any inquires. Right now we are looking for posts that feature things such as: tips for creating styled shoots, flat layes, etc.., post about building a community, post with tips and ticks for growing your instagram or other social media, and any other ideas you have. The idea is to help inspire.

We will also be doing a series of featured vendors, so if you have products or design services and would like to write a featured post about yourself and your products, please feel free to send us a message so we can work out some details. And don’t worry, this is free! That’s right, we are offering free advertising.

You can contact us at sales@minibackdrops.com

We are looking forward to what’s to come in this space!